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Algarve — to Europe´s south west with NOVASOL

Al Garb means “the West”, dating from the Arfabs who have been at this cost for centuries. The Algarve is a destination that has something for everybody: endless white beaches, fresh Atlantic air, beautiful NOVASOL holiday homes, culture like The Palacio Estoí, shown in this video, a lot of nature with birds, that bird watchers are amazed of, beautiful cities, good restaurants and friendly people. Discover and relax at the Algarve.

Welcome to our NOVASOL video site. Here you can view videos of our self catering properties, see the surroundings, the landscapes, local events, people and attractions.

Our videos are filmed by our employees, partners and guests with handheld cameras in an authentic manner, therefore please do not expect the Hollywood standard.

You can choose the videos via our destination search search (find your video on a map) or through our predefined themes. At the same time you will find the corresponding holiday properties from NOVASOL.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through the NOVASOL Video World.

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