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Apulia in Italy — a fine autumn destination

Apulia in Italy is a great place to visit, and especially during autumn. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will be able to explore this area from an ideal starting point. Something special from this area are the round houses called ‘trulli’.
These houses provide protection from the heat as well as the cold due to their structure with thick walls and small windows. These houses are very charming and cozy.
In Apulia you can visit the labyrinths of the caves of Castellana which is very exciting. The food here is great as always in Italy. You can enjoy a nice meal of Italian food in one of the many restaurants.
Go on a journey through history in Apuli and become inspired. From a NOVASOL holiday home you will easily have the opportunity to explore everything you need.
Whether you wish to see a beautiful landscape, vineyards, enjoy delicious food or simply go on a relaxing holiday; a NOVASOL holiday home in Apuli in Italy is perfect.