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Assisi in Umbria — go for a walk

NOVASOL offers many holiday villas in Italy in Assisi of Umbria, from where you can start a holiday with many new discoveries and experiences. You can explore historical sites such as the ruins of the fortress of Rocca Maggiore as well as see the medieval city walls from the beautiful landscape.
Assisi is also known as a special place where Christian pilgrims visit each year. Some of these pilgrim destinations include the basilica of San Francesco and Santa Chiara as well as the resting place of St. Francis and St. Clare.
Assisi is located on the slopes of Mount Subasio and is slightly above the rivers Topino and Chiascio. This town really is worth seeing, especially the old part of the town. This part is kept very medieval and has large city walls with eight well preserved city gates. There are many other historical cities and towns in Umbria too that can be visited from a NOVASOL holiday home while staying in Assisi.
In Gubbio you will find the world’s largest Christmas tree which has been in the Guinness Book of Records. There are numerous towns with much to offer food-wise. The white truffle from Umbria is a specialty that adds a special touch to many dishes. You can also find various wines produced here. You will get the opportunity to taste everything Umbria in Italy has to offer from delicious seafood, cheeses, desserts and wines to other traditional local Umbrian dishes. Here nothing desired will be left behind and there is something for everyone.
There are many churches decorated with frescoes as well as palaces that will send you on a journey through time. There are also museums to explore. In Assisi and in the rest of Umbria there are many attractions for you to explore and this can easily be done from a NOVASOL holiday home or villa. Let yourself be carried away from every day’s stress by beautiful Umbria in Italy.