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Cilento — an underestimated region in Italy

When thinking of Italy people often think of cities and regions such as Venice, Tuscany and Rome where NOVASOL aslo has many beauitful holiday villas for you to explore. The region Cilento is one of those regions in Italy that are not as famous as Tuscany. The Amalfi Coast and Naples are both part of the Cilento region. Cilento is located in the South of Italy and is a part of Campania. Cilento is usually warm with lots of sun and summer for all the people that visit. NOVASOL has many holiday villas in this region that will help you get out and explore the beauty of Southern Italy. Sapri is a small town that is located in Cilento. It is a lovely town that lies next to the ocean with a very nice beach and promenade. A holiday home next to the ocean is an ideal location if you wish to experience the different activities along the Italian coastal line. It is also ideal if you wish to go out and explore the other villages and towns in Cilento. In this video our guide, Patrich Rea from our service office in Monteriggioni, shows us how it is to live in Sapri. If you love Italian food cooked with fresh ingredients from the local area then Cilento is the right place for you. Patrich shows us how he prepares a delicious marinade that he uses for the cutlets and sausages that are on the grill. He uses the commodities that are easily accessible when staying in Cilento such as fresh rosemary, olive oil and a garden-fresh lemon for some extra kick. Taking a swim on the beach followed by an Espresso on the promenade is a great idea when staying in Sapri. Cilento also offers some great pasta with seafood that cannot be found anywhere else. For starters you could go with some grilled anchovies. The landscape in Cilento is also very pretty because of its mountains. Cilento has some very tasty wine that is made in the local area for those who wish to get a taste of some fine Italian wine. All of these things are what make Cilento such a nice place to stay. Book your holiday home with NOVASOL today and experience Cilento.