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Concerto di Natale, presented by NOVASOL

Riccardo Doppio, an Italian singer and songwriter invited to one of his Christmas concerts into the church “Kleiner Michel” in Hamburg. Together with Yasmina Hunzinger, Giovanni Costelli and Ricardo Marinello he spread magic over the audience, who was overwhelmed by this concert. NOVASOL presnted this event for two reasons: to promote this oustanding artist and his band and to promote the charity project “Albania”, where NOVASOL is very commited: An association named “Christlicher Verein Wismar” helps in the mountain region of Albania, in the small villages around Bishnica, where children do not have the opportunity to giot to a school. They established a boarding school and employed teachers who teach the children. There are several projects, where NOVASOL is involved in. This Christmas concert was a good oppurtunity to inform about the project and to collect money for the project. Two more concerts in Gelsenkirchen and in Essen, in North Rhine Westphalia complete the project.