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Cordoba Sightseeing

Córdoba in May, great month par excellence of our city, where the Cordoba’s Festival stands out among all parties celebrates this month. Horse cars and sevillanas flood the fairgrounds.
Surrounded by the Roman Wall is the Jewish quarter, containing a Cordoba jewel, our Mosque, with the wonderful patio of orange trees that traps us with its scents of orange blossoms, inside, a sea of columns transport us to another time, the time when Cordoba was the capital of the world.
In a unique environment we can find the door to the bridge, the southern entrance to Cordoba from which you access the town by crossing the Roman bridge, that —together ith the tower of Calahorra — makes a declared “Heritage of Cultural Interest” by UNESCO.
Other symbolic spaces of Cordoba are the Plaza de la Corredera, an architectural space can contemplate peacefully while resting in one of the multiple terraces, or purchase craft products typical of the area.
Close to this square we find the remains of what was the Roman Temple of Claudius Marcellus, building imperial cult that today only part of their input columns are preserved.
Entering through the streets of the old town, or Jewish quarter we can find the most diverse commercial spaces which include crafts and typical gastronomy. A dish that can never be lacking in our table is our Salmorejo and oxtail.