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Destination Croatia

Croatia is a very beautiful country in the northeast of the Mediterranean Sea and it offers a lot of historical cities and buildings. The numerous small villages along the coastline grant a unique impression and invite you to relax and enjoy life.
The area called “Istria” is a huge peninsula in the north west of Croatia and presents itself with astonishing ruins of castles, fruitful valleys and numerous old fishing villages. Step through countless small alleys and enjoy the atmosphere of these charming small places, experience the mood of some of the weekly events or taste the barbecued pork – it is the region´s specialty.
Heading south along the coast there is Kvarner Bay. This region offers you everything you desire. It starts with small bays, national- and nature parks across historical cities up to numerous islands and beaches.
NOVASOL holiday homes on the island Krk offer you a beautiful view right in front of your house sitting on the terrace. Another highlight of these islands is the smell of Lavender and Salvia everywhere on these islands. On the other island called Pag you can taste the typical cheese made from sheep’s milk. Another highlight is the cooking of especially their lamb. If you want to visit other islands there are no problems. Just buy a ticket and use a ferry. After a short and beautiful ride you are on the island you desired.
Moving further along the coastline towards south is the region called Dalmatia with its famous city Split. This city impresses with historical buildings and architecture. NOVASOL holiday homes and apartments grant a unique experience, because some of them are in these historical and antique buildings, but with the comfort and standards of regular NOVASOL holiday homes. While the coast of Dalmatia has a lot of white sand and pebble stone beaches leading into clear and sky blue water, the inland impresses with a lot of historical and archaeological attractions. Here in Dalmatia you can see the roman architecture surrounding Split and the buildings of the medieval surrounding Dubrovnik. So there are a lot of cultural attractions for your holiday, but there are also a lot of highlights if you want to relax in the sun. Also, people who love water sports will be happy and satisfied. The windy ocean invites you to go wind surfing, sailing or kite-surfing.
With a NOVASOL holiday home Croatia will be the perfect destination for your holiday if you wish to experience history and culture, but also if you want to lie on one of the countless beaches relaxing in the sun.
Croatia has clear sky blue water, numerous bays and islands, well-tasting wine, happy and helpful people from a historically and culturally interesting background.