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Destination Cyprus

Cyprus is a great holiday destination for a relaxed and different holiday. NOVASOL holiday homes can help you in getting what you deserve on a holiday on this island in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.
From a geographical point of view Cyprus belongs to Asia but from a political point the islands belong to Europe. There is also another special thing about this island: The northern part of the island belongs to Turkey, while the southern one belongs to Greece. These facts are also reasons for its popularity. There is no better possibility to experience two opposite cultures on one island.
The NOVASOL holiday homes are in several regions like Paphos in the southwest, Famagusta in the east and Larnaca in the southeast. Some of these NOVASOL holiday homes or villas even have pools and saunas.
This island also offers awesome hiking routes as well as countless kinds of water sports. Surfing, diving or water skiing are only some of the things you can do on this beautiful island. Another highlight is the sunset that you can see every evening.
If you want to enjoy an interesting holiday and visit an exciting culture then Cyprus is exactly what you are looking for. Some parts of this culture are more than 10,000 years old and attractions can be visited all over the island. Various museums, like the “Cyprus Museum” in the capital, Nikosia, impress with all the information about Cyprus’ history.
In addition to all of this you will love their cooking. There are influences from the Turkish and the Italian, but also from the Greek cooking. On Cyprus you get the best of these in an astonishing mix. If you decide to go for a holiday on this island then a NOVASOL holiday home is the perfect start. The wine made and sold on this island tastes great too. Not only does this tasty and fruity wine impress; also the beer brewed on this island tastes very well. Book your NOVASOL holiday home on Cyprus today.