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Destination Denmark

NOVASOL holiday homes in Denmark are furnished in an individual way and offer a special and distinctive holiday experience.
Denmark grants you opportunities to go on an interesting city holiday in a NOVASOL apartment or simply a relaxing holiday on the countryside or even a holiday by the beaches where you can de-stress. Everything is possible with a NOVASOL holiday home.
The NOVASOL holiday homes offer you the opportunity to spend your holiday in a quiet way where you can forget the stress and worries of your everyday life. Here you, and every other member of your family, has enough space to do whatever he or she wants and is able to enjoy the holiday. The southern coast has many very long sandy beaches and because of this the coast becomes more powerful and fascinating than ever. At the coast in the north there is a spectacular natural highlight, because in this area the stream of the Skagerrak and the stream of the Kattegat crash into each other and this creates an unusual break of waves.
On the biggest Island of Denmark, Zealand, is the capital Copenhagen with many attractions such as numerous museums, the Royal Danish Theater, sculptures and buildings made in different eras and architecturally interesting buildings. For example the Castle of “Christiansborg” or “Rosenborg Slot” can be visited. Another possibility is to do a picnic in one of the parks where you can experience Copenhagen’s lifestyle. Also the night life invites you to go out and enjoy the numerous bars and clubs in and around the city.
The Island called “Bornholm” in the east of Denmark impresses with its rich and varying nature. The coastal lines here with beaches and places to enjoy the view invite you to go hiking or biking. For those who do not fear the fresh water of the Baltic Sea there is possibility to go for a swim. Also cultural aspects can be visited on this special island. The ruins of Hammershus, the Østerlars Church or the amusement park, called “Brændesgårdhaven” are worth a visit. Another highlight in your holiday might be one of the glass making manufacturers or one of the art galleries. The reason for this high amount of artists on Bornholm is the especially silent atmosphere, the light and the beauty of the landscape that the island houses.
Of course there are culinary highlights as well. One of them is the so called “Sun of Bornholm”. This is a golden-yellow shining smoked herring served with egg yolk. You really should try it because it is delicious. The NOVASOL holiday homes in Denmark can be found all over in several great locations - book yours today.