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Destination Italien

Italy is your perfect holiday destination with NOVASOL in a private atmosphere. NOVASOL holiday homes offer you an optimized start, no matter if you want to enjoying and touch history, enjoy the sun on one of the countless beaches or go to the mountains of the Alps for skiing or hiking. Italy offers a holiday for everybody.
Tuscany, which is famous for good food and great wines, offers you, besides the typical NOVASOL villas and holiday homes, the feeling of relaxation and calmness, while enjoying the region´s best food and wine. You can also sit on the beaches’ cafés, experiencing the great view.
Umbria is another very beautiful and nice region. Here you can live the Italian way of life without mass tourism and enjoy the beauty of the wonderful landscapes. The best food and the typical wine made in Umbria make you feel comfortable while you enjoy this way of Italian life in a quiet and traditional way.
Another much visited region is Apulia. The historical buildings in this area are made of a type of stone called “Trulo”. The idyllic and astonishing colors of the nature are breath taking. Also the world under water impresses divers and swimmers as well with several diving spots. It is also possible to relax on a beautiful beach in one of the numerous bays.
Italy offers you to experience a lot of art. The region around Venice and Venice itself are worth to be visited if you love art. History, art and tradition are loved in Venice and you can take part in it. Here you can always go for a walk or try a gondola. A holiday in Venice is an experience you will never forget. There are numerous famous and historical buildings, but also countless small alleys and especially the Venetian Carnival is one of the highlights you should experience in this unique city.
This country is one of the best holiday destinations where you can experience and touch history. The historical buildings in Rome like the Amphitheater, the Colosseum and the Pantheon are open every day and you should not miss them during your holiday. And of course other cities like Naples, Turin, Florence and Milan are very impressive and unique and invite you with their own exciting attractions. Book your NOVASOL holiday villa in one of these places in Italy today.