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Destination Netherlands

The Netherlands is in some people’s opinion number one destination to spend a holiday in if you think of a beautiful but inexpensive place to stay.
NOVASOL holiday homes in the Netherlands offer you the quietness and relaxation you deserve.
The area around the lake Ijsselmeer offer many beaches. There are also many islands surrounded by beaches in the region called “Friesland” and very long sandy beaches at the western coastline of the mainland which impress with nice sand and the view of the North Sea.
Heading south from Haag, where the international court of justice is located, is the region Zeeland, which is famous for windsurfers and kite surfers, since the brouwersdamm was built in 1980. Here you can find every kind of attraction that has to do with the sea.
The city Rotterdam has Europe´s biggest harbor and you should not miss it during your holiday since it is bigger than some few cities.
Another special thing to mention on your holiday is Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. This beautiful city impresses with detailed historical buildings and numerous canals that can be sailed in by boat. NOVASOL even has holiday houseboats from which you can stay on these canals. This city makes it clear that the Netherlands is not only a camper’s nation, but also a biker´s nation. Everywhere in this city you will find well upgraded bike lanes and pedestrian side-walks.
NOVASOL holiday homes are the perfect location to start your holiday with a private atmosphere, and because there are so many canals in this country you are able to rent a NOVASOL houseboat to enjoy as well.
In the Netherlands, there are also exciting regions for long trips on foot or by bike where you can marvel at historical and famous windmills or tulip fields. If you like colorful flowers you should also visit the spring garden Keukenhof. It is a paradise for tulips.
In addition you should visit the city called Gouda. It is located in the south and it is worldwide known for its cheese also called Gouda with a typically creamy and smooth taste.