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Destination Norway

Norway offers amazing views and experiences all year long. The south with all the inlets, small and big rivers crossing the landscape or the polar lights in the north; you will not find these anywhere else. These unique contrasts of the landscape are astonishing over and over again.
In the south of Norway there are many different villages, both smaller and bigger ones, which are good to visit for fishing, but also good for the beauty of the landscape itself. The roads along the coast of the inlets are exciting on top of the fact that you can see snow covered mountains and glaciers which create an astonishing contrast and a beautiful view. Next to the water the plants and trees are blooming while on top of the mountains there are thousands of years old glaciers. Another amazing thing is that the crystal clear water that reflects the beautiful landscape in a way that cannot be seen elsewhere.
Norway is a paradise for people who like fishing and you will enjoy it a lot. In Norway it is possible to put your boat out on the water almost everywhere. You can also rent a boat. It is possible to catch fish taller than one meter or heavier than 10 kilograms. You can catch many fish that make a fisherman´s heart happy and satisfied. NOVASOL has holiday cottages in Norway that are located conveniently so that you can get to experience everything this country has to offer.
The culture of Norway is impressive and interesting as well, so if you visit one of the numerous museums you can learn a lot about the sailing nation Norway is and its history: Starting with the single boats of the first inhabitants up to the Viking nation’s tradition and technologies as well as many other things. Also the old and traditionally built churches called “Stave Church” are worth to be visited.
Cities like Stavanger in the south west, Bergen in the west and Trondheim in the middle grant a special flair and serve very fresh and tasty fish. Some of the fish are caught the same day as they are served.
Furthermore Bergen has a famous fish market and “Den Nationale Scene”, Norway´s oldest theater, and several cable trains which bring you upwards to several viewing spots. Standing there you can enjoy this impressive city and the wonderful harbor district with its small and colorful houses.
Another very famous attraction is the “Geirangerfjord” with its waterfalls, called “The Seven Sisters”, and the Søgnefjord, which is the longest and deepest inlet in the world. These two and other inlets amaze visitors from all over the world.
Ice and snow covered mountains, green meadows, crystal clear water and beautiful landscapes; you will never see enough too much of Norway. Book your NOVASOL holiday cottage in Norway today.