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Destination Austria

Beneath the beautiful lakes, like the “Bodensee” in the triangle between Austria, Germany and Switzerland, the “Zeller See” in the State Salzburg and the famous “Wörthersee” in the state Carinthia, Austria offers wonderful mountain landscapes. Interesting cities like the capital Vienna, the university town Innsbruck and also the historical city Salzburg are worth visiting.
The capital, Vienna, grants numerous sights like the opera house “Wiener Staatsoper”, the “Burgtheater” or the historical museum of art impresses with unique exhibitions. In this city you can also visit countless and wonderful historical buildings built during the time of the Austrian empire. A performance by the “Wiener Philharmonie”, which is an Austrian orchestra, is very impressive to see. The sound and the power are really astonishing.
The city Innsbruck is a very historical city, because of the emperor Maximilian I. There are many buildings that you should visit. In the old part of the city is the famous structure “Goldene Dachl” but also the dome “St. Jakob” which are very beautiful. Another nice attraction in this city is the numerous universities that specialize in different fields which characterize the beauty of the city’s nightlife. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will be able to experience all of this.
The city Salzburg is famous for a very well-tasting specialty: The internationally known candy called “Mozart-Kugel” created in the year 1890 has been famous ever since. Of course there are other attractions in this city too such as the “Festung Hohensalzburg”, an impressive castle, and also buildings built during the Baroque era invite you to visit and become impressed.
Furthermore Austria is famous for its snow covered mountains and awesomely beautiful winter sports areas.
Kitzbühel, one of the most important winter sports centers in Austria offers 168 kilometers of skiing slopes. The famous “Hahnenkamm” race is located here and a lot of prominent people come to this city to experience it.
In the west of Austria you can find the area called Vorarlberg. This area is really beautiful, and it has beautiful ski resorts in winter and offers breathtaking views along the hiking routes during summer.
NOVASOL has many holiday homes and cottages in Austria that make your holiday to the country much more convenient and of high quality.

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