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Destination Poland

NOVASOL holiday homes in Poland are the perfect starting point for a successful and relaxing holiday with your family or significant other. Poland is the neighboring country to Germany and because of this it is easily reached by car. The landscape of Poland is varied and very interesting for people who like to go hiking or rent bikes. The nature changes from crystal clear lakes to remarkable rivers and from huge green forests to breathtaking mountains in the south and east. Poland gives you the chance to do an adventurous holiday with your family or relax in one of the NOVASOL holiday homes. It is easy to rent a car or bikes to experience the beauty of Poland´s nature. You can drive through numerous charming villages or exciting cities. The Polish cooking varies but it is mostly influenced by the Eastern European and Russian cooking. Typical meals like Kapusniak are simple but very delicious. The people in Poland are very helpful, nice and they love to laugh.
Those who plan a trip through Polish cities should visit Poland’s capital Warsaw. This city offers many attractions. The old part of this city was built in the 13th century and offers a unique atmosphere. Tiny alleys and historical houses rebuilt in a traditional way and, last but not least, comfortable and cozy cafés make this city an unforgettable experience.
Another city you should not miss is the city Gdasnk on the northern coast of Poland. It is located by the Gdania River, which ends up in the Gdansk bay. This city is one of the most interesting cities in Poland. It was conquered by several Empires, Kingdoms and monarchies during various eras of the past. The numerous museums, historical buildings, statues and sculptures are unique and very interesting.
Another lovely and beautiful region is the Masurian Lake District in the northeast. This spectacular landscape is perfect for relaxation and for leaving your stress and worries of your everyday behind.
NOVASOL holiday homes in Poland are modern and luxurious and offer a holiday you will never forget, because there will be no wish unsatisfied.