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Destination Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the most varying countries in Europe.
In the north of Slovenia are the Alps. In the East there is the Baltic area. The Mediterranean Sea is in the West and Croatia is in the south.
The inland, especially the north and northeast of Slovenia are characterized by the Alps and Austrian culture. The architecture and lifestyle differ depending on where you are closer to; whether it is near the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea or the Baltic area. That also counts for the food. It is a mix of Austrian specialties, refinement of the Baltic and goodies from the Mediterranean Sea. You should not forget the tasty Slovenian wine either.
Another highlight of Slovenia is the natural resorts and the beautiful untouched nature.
Countless forests and rivers impress over and over again. The landscape nearly looks surreal. It does not matter if you admire the colorful autumn or the blooming spring, you will find everything in Slovenia. In the Slovenian Alps you can go skiing, hiking and bike riding along beautiful forests and castles or you can lie in the sun at the Slovenian Mediterranean coast.
During the Slovenian winter the snow sparkles in the inland and you can enjoy the beautiful white landscapes. The winter sport region presents itself with beautiful skiing slopes and the NOVASOL holiday homes are close to these. Also the cross-country ski network of this region is well organized and easily reached from the NOVASOL holiday homes.
The holiday homes are the perfect location to start your summer holiday in Slovenia. Some of these holiday houses have pools, but never the less you should visit the Slovenian coastline. The Slovenian coast is only 50 kilometers long, but this part offers wonderful beaches and an impressively massive rocky coast. You can also visit the stalactite caves, where you can look at unique shapes and formations
It does not matter where in Slovenia you go for your holiday, because there is always something to discover and explore.
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