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Destination Spain

This country in Southwestern Europe is loved by Europeans from all over. There are not many other countries with such a huge amount of variety caused by different regions. In Spain, everybody finds a place that they love. Catalonia is in the north and here you can expect a wonderful coast with white beaches. You can find cute squares, nice people and charming villages that look the way they did hundreds of years ago. In these places you can find NOVASOL holiday homes, especially here in Catalonia. This region brought artists like Salvador Dalí, the painter born in Cadaques, or Antoni Gaudí, the architect who built numerous known buildings, to the world. Last but not least there is the church “La Sagrada Familia” with its 12 towers which is still being built on today. Barcelona, the region´s capital at the Costa Brava, is a busy city and famous for the “Rambla” and the “Tibidabo”. The city and the beaches and landscape around it are a sight on its own. The Costa Dorada, the Costa del Alzahar or the Costa de Almeria offer endless opportunities to spend a beautiful holiday in. Staying on the mainland you must not forget Costa del Sol which offers you, together with the Costa de la Luz in Andalusia, countless holiday destinations with the best tourist infrastructure. The Andalusian outback offers you countless amounts of olive and almond groves. Huge lakes, like the “Lago de Iznajar” can be discovered including small cities built around churches on hills. Take a look at NOVASOL holiday homes in the middle of these places. NOVASOL also offers you big “Cortijos”. These houses are typical villas with pools and a wonderful view across the land on which they reside. If you talk about Spain you must not forget the famous islands in the Mediterranean Sea; the Baleares. On Mallorca, the main island, NOVASOL offers holiday homes and villas. It does not matter if you like holiday homes small, cute and cozy or big with rooms for a lot of people; we have what you need. If you want to spend your holiday in the city or simply in a charming, smaller place then you can do just that. Other islands you should think about visiting are the Canary Islands, eight islands located in the Atlantic Ocean next to Mauritania. Every island differs from the others.  Some of them are surrounded by white beaches, while others are surrounded by black ashes of the volcano. NOVASOL holiday homes give you the opportunity to enjoy Spain at its best.