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Deutschland - Germany - L´Allemagne

Welcome to Germany!
In this short video we want to show you a few highlights from the NOVASOL holiday homes in Germany.
The typically architectural old houses are located next to the river Rhein and Mosel where you can get some of the best German wines.
We also offer new and modern houseboats near Berlin. Tropical Islands is a very special place near Berlin for your holiday. This place was rebuilt from zeppelin hall to a very special Caribbean holiday place for you and your friends or family. There is also beautiful landscape for example in Schönhagen by the Baltic Sea with very nice NOVASOL holiday homes directly behind the beach. There is a charming view across the beach onto the sea. Another highlight of the German east coast is Rügen. This is an island with a very beautiful coastline and rich history. The very detailed redesigned train, called “Rasender Roland“, and lighthouses of the early 20th century are only a few of the sights of this German island.
The northern coastline of Germany is famous for its opportunities to go on walks across the mudflats with its unique environment for thousand animals living there. This place is well known by international ornithologists. This area is also very famous for its wide green meadows with a lot of sheep. It invites you to take beautiful trips across the impressive landscape by bike.
Bavaria in the south of Germany impresses with its huge and massive mountains of the Alps and its beautiful landscape and many views. There are hundreds of sights in Bavaria. You should definitely visit the most famous. The most internationally known celebration is the Oktoberfest. It is a sign for the vitality and the consciousness of tradition of Bavarian people. Other attractions are the huge lakes and the Zugspitze, Germany’s highest mountain. On the lakes you can participate in surfing and sailing and in the mountains you can go climbing and hiking in summer or skiing and snowboarding in winter.
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