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Destination France

In this video we want to show you France which could be your next holiday destination.
France offers you a huge amount of historical and cultural locations and therefore you should visit this country. France is also Internationally loved and have many award winning wines.
France is a country with cultural events all year.  It is also known for its internationally beloved culinary art and unique food. It has massive mountains in the south and east as well as long beautiful white beaches on the Mediterranean Sea. It also has historical beaches at the northern coastline and unforgettable views at the western Atlantic coast.
A lot of big cities offer the typical life in France as well as history and cultural experiences. Museums with internationally known exhibitions grant a view into some indescribable art.
There are attractions in Paris, the capital, such as the Eiffel Tower, the famous cathedral “Notre Dame”, the “Arc de Triomphe” and the Louvre which is one of the world’s most famous Museums. These are only some of the attractions in this city.
Bordeaux at the Atlantic coast is famous for its internationally known wines and of course Champagne in the north east of France is the only place where real champagne comes from and should be visited.
The “Cote d´Azur” at the Mediterranean Sea has countless small and charming villages that create a special atmosphere and show the typical life in France. In addition to this at Cote d´Azur are some of the most beautiful harbours of the Mediterranean Sea, that invite you to relax while tasting the delicious French cooking.
The north of France has a lot of significant historical sights because of its part in World War II. In the Normandy you can visit a lot of buildings that have a special atmosphere and view.
Also the offshore island “Mont St. Michel” can be visited and impresses with its unique architecture creating small alleys and cute shops.
There are many attractions all over France such as Arcachon which has the world’s biggest sand dune, called “Dune du Pilat” as well as the Versailles castle in the west of Paris and the beautiful harbours on the “Cote d´Azur”. There are countless cathedrals and small churches across the country of France which grant a unique experience for everybody. NOVASOL lets you enjoy this country in your holiday home.