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Gubbio — in the heart of Umbria

Umbria has not enjoyed quite the same popularity with visitors as Tuscany, but those that give it a chance and book a holiday villa there, will quickly realize that this beautiful region is not inferior in any way. It’s rich historical background, and old historical buildings await you. If you are interested in history, take trip to Gubbio, the ancient regional center for ceramics and stoneware. A visit to this town is like a journey back to the middle ages. Book a holiday home near Gubbio and experience the oldest town in Umbria, with countless traditions tied to the city and its inhabitants. Visit the atmospheric ruins of the old Roman theatre, or take a walk around the city and see some of the many religious and architectural monuments. The imposing palace ‘Palazzo dei Consoli’ also serves as an interesting museum, where you can learn more about the city. If you are visiting over Christmas, do not miss the worlds largest ‘Christmas tree’ according the Guinness World Records. The illusion of a giant Christmas tree is created by more than 450 colored lights on the hillside behind the town. The tree impresses both young and old every year, and is an unmissable part of the towns Christmas spirit. When it comes to tasty food, Gubbio is incomparable. As you walk the streets, you will notice the fragrance of white truffle dominates many local pasta dishes and sauces and even today, the local pasta is produced following ancient recipes. Buy some of this pasta at the local market and take it back to your holiday home, and cook a delicious pasta dish in the comfort of your holiday villa. Also popular are many seasoned dishes incorporating white truffles, and meat, cheese, vegetables, and sausage. Book a holiday home near Gubbio today, for those who want to travel back in time and experience incredible culture and food.