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Hohen wieschendorf, Germany

Hohen wieschendorf in Germany is a unique place. It is not only the untouched nature, but also the thousands of years of old history, the impressive buildings of the Gothic times, the castles and manors and the beautiful streets that make this place unique. The Hanseatic cities like Rostock, Wismar, Greifswald and Stralsund have many traditions and offer their guests a lot of attractions to experience.
Hohen wieschendorf is only 1.5 km away from the Baltic Sea. Guests in NOVASOL holiday homes will be offered a lot of possibilities for a relaxing holiday. The people of Hohen wieschendorf are very proud of their bridge that reaches 100 meters over the Baltic Sea. It is used as pier and promenade.
The huge forests protect the town against storms. The architecture of the historical villas makes this place very special as well. Of course NOVASOL offers villas, holiday homes and apartments with the typical style of the area.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home or cottage in Hohen wieschendorf in Germany today and experience a lovely place where you can truly enjoy nature and relax.