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Holiday cottages in Müggelsee near Berlin, Germany

Welcome to Müggelsee; a place with holiday cottages near Berlin – the perfect solution for those that want to stay near a large city while having their own cottage with private facilities and room for the whole family. With a NOVASOL holiday cottage in Müggelsee you will be able to discover beautiful German nature as well as visit the capital of Germany; Berlin. On special occasions and on certain evenings bands play live music which is very fun to see.
There is a lake that goes through Berlin. Here you can travel with a ferry that goes to the capital so that you can visit and see certain attractions from the water. This ferry goes past the cathedral, the Nikolai Quarter, the Museum Island, the Reichstag and much more. The guided tours on the ferries are offered in both German and English. You will be sure to see everything you can in Berlin, when thinking of the most popular attractions, on this ferry ride.
Book a NOVASOL holiday cottage in Müggelsee today and experience a fun and charming village near Berlin in Germany.