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Holidays at the Dutch IJsselmeer

IJsselmeer is an artificial lake in the Netherlands. This lake with its water sport facilities is fantastic for a relaxing holiday. NOVASOL offers a lot of holiday homes near this lake that will be ideal starting points for exploring the surrounding area. Every second year there is a festival in Stavoren by IJsselmeer that is very fun to experience. Here people walk around in costumes from the middle ages.
You can go on helicopter trips as well as try many other attractions.
The harbor in Stavoren is very busy and full of life, but in a nice way. Children will love this little town because of its many attractions in which children can participate. NOVASOL offers holiday cottages that are very charming in Stavoren by IJsselmeer in the Netherlands. From these you can explore the area and everything you wish to see. Book a NOVASOL holiday cottage by IJsselmeer; an artificial lake in the Netherlands. Experience a lovely area perfect for family holidays.