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Jazz in Perugia, Italy

Every year in July the Jazz Festival in Perugia takes place, where famous musicians like Sting have played. In this period the beautiful town offers music in the streets and on the town squares. Perugia is full of nice restaurants, cozy cafés and charming streets to explore. NOVASOL has many nice holiday homes in Perugia that make it easy for you to have a relaxed holiday in a private environment.
Perugia is part of the region Umbria which is a lot like Tuscany. The food in Umbria is alike that of Tuscany. The jazz festival in Perugia secures an environment with lots of life and excitement that should definitely be experienced. You can stay in a NOVASOL holiday home in Perugia so that you easily can visit the festival each day.
Book a lovely NOVASOL holiday home in Perugia during July and experience the amazing jazz festival that takes place here at this time. You will not be disappointed!