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Joure in Friesland, the Netherlands

Joure is a small city in the Netherlands. Approximately 13,000 people live in this city that is located in the south of the province of Friesland. This province is rich in waterways which made its trading abilities flourish back in time. Joure is located in the municipality of Skarsterlân.
There are also extensive forests in the vicinity of Joure. During summer there are a number of events for locals and tourists. The city is also much known for its coffee such as the internationally renowned coffee brand Douwe Egberts.
Douwe Egbert’s success story began in 1753 when he opened a grocery store together with his wife. His son expanded the business’ reach beyond the city’s border. This businessman and his descendants were so successful that they created a huge coffee brand from just a small grocery store. Stay in a NOVASOL holiday home or cottage in this part of the Netherlands if you wish to experience this lovely town in a charming region of the beautiful Netherlands.
Joure is a very nice city for families with children. Very close to this city is a swimming paradise called ‘De Stienen Flier’. There is also an amusement park built specifically for children called ‘Speelbos Joure’ and it is not far away. The rest of the province of Friesland also has much to offer. You will be near the sea where you can participate in water sports and many other activities.
NOVASOL has many holiday homes in the Netherlands to offer. You can book a cottage in Friesland, whether in the city Joure or in the vicinity of it; anything can be done. If you stay in a NOVASOL holiday home everything will be within reach and you will be able to experience the Netherlands and all the places it has to offer. Book your NOVASOL holiday home today.