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Karlskrona — Southern Sweden

Karlskrona is a beautiful harbor city in the region Blekinge in Southern Sweden. It is located on 30 different islands and islets that are connected by bridges. This gives the city a certain kind of atmosphere. Holiday cottages that NOVASOL are offering in Blekinge and Karlskrona will create the perfect place for you to stay while you enjoy your vacation, go sightseeing and explore Swedish nature. Karlskrona was originally a naval base for King Karl XI in 1679. A year after this Karlskrona was given its state privileges. The first bridges to the mainland were built in 1682 which put the development of Karlskrona as an important city in motion. The city would soon become the third largest in all of Sweden. In Karlskrona there are many churches that are worth paying a visit while visiting. There is, among other things, Sweden’s largest church constructed from wood. The founding rocks of another church,“Fredrikskyrkan”, were put in place in 1720 and it was finished in 1744. The architect was very influenced by other European styles of architecture. This causes the church to look a lot different compared to other Swedish churches. The same architect also built “Trefaldighetskyrkan” between 1697 and 1709. This church’s style has an obvious touch of The Baroque. Its roof is built as a cube like the Pantheon in Rome. There is also a naval museum in Karlskrona on the island “Stumholmen”. This museum is worth a visit for everyone who visits Karlskrona while staying in a NOVASOL holiday home. Here you will find Galleon figures from the 18th century as well as ship models and an underwater passage from which you can see shipwrecks. Enjoy your vacation in Karlskrona from your holiday cottage and experience the true Southern Swedish culture. Karlskrona is also very exciting for children. There are ferries that arrive in Karlskrona and depart to other cities in Sweden as well as Poland. There is an airport 30 kilometers from the city and a rail road that goes all the way to Göteborg and Malmö or Copenhagen. Rent your NOVASOL holiday cottage today.