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Kasteel de Haar in the Netherlands

Kasteel de Haar is a castle located near the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This castle complex consists of 100 acres of land with beautiful gardens. There are many NOVASOL holiday homes near this castle so that you can easily visit it and be amazed.
There is also a railway museum near here that you can explore. For art lovers there are museums with both modern and ancient art. You can also visit the beach and go swimming or simply relax. Spend a wonderful time with your family in this part of the Netherlands and kick back, experience history and culture as well as Kasteel de Haar.
There is a weekly market in the area that you can visit. Almost every little town or place in this area has its own story to tell. There are cafés and restaurants in many places where you can enjoy life while eating a delicious meal. Maybe watch the sun set with a glass of wine, a few grapes and some cheese. Kasteel de Haar and its surrounding area is indescribable and should definitely be experienced.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home near Kasteel de Haar in the Netherlands and experience an amazing old castle with beautiful gardens as well as the surrounding area.