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Keukenhof & Noordwijk

Keukenhof is the world’s second largest flower garden and is located in Lisse, the Netherlands. 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the park each year which covers an area of 79 acres. You can easily get to Keukenhof with train from the nearby towns and municipalities. Keukenhof is open from mid-March to mid-May each year. With a NOVASOL holiday home near Keukenhof you can explore this beautiful garden and its amazing flowers. 
Noordwijk is a town and municipality that is located near Keukenhof. Noordwijk is also known for its fields with bulb flowers. There are also lovely beaches here perfect for relaxing on. There is a permanent space exhibition in Noordwijk open for visitors, which is very exciting. This is because the European Research and Technology Centre is located here.
Book a NOVASOL holiday cottage in the Netherlands near Noordwijk and Keukenhof and explore their fields with millions of bulb flowers that the Netherlands is so famous for.