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Lemmer, Urk and Noordostpolder

A holiday in The Netherlands is not complete without paying a visit to the amazingly colorful tulip fields!
In April and May you can see and sometimes even walk through the tulip fields, shining in many bright colors.
A lot of these tulip fields in Holland can be found at the Noordoostpolder, the northern part of the Flevoland province. Flevoland is the youngest of the twelve provinces in Holland. Take some time to admire thousands of tulips, becoming one with the fantastic green landscapes in The Netherlands. After a visit to the Dutch tulip fields it’s time to discover Urk. In this charming fishing town you can walk along authentic ships and historical houses. From the top of the local lighthouse you will be rewarded with a splendid view over the town and the IJsselmeer, an enormous artificial lake in Holland. You can also find Schokland and its beautiful surroundings at the Noordoostpolder. Schokland is a former island in Holland. Nowadays it’s a nice archeological site with an old church, charming houses and a former seawall. Schokland can be found on the UNESCO World Heritage List. During your stay at the Noordoostpolder you can also visit the Waterloopbos in Marknesse, a forest with many great examples of hydraulic engineering. The local hiking trail and visitor center is very entertaining and educational for families with children. As you can see, there is a lot you can do during your stay at the Noordoostpolder, a very unique natural area in Holland. Just north of the Noordoostpolder you can find Lemmer, a beautiful small town with a cozy atmosphere. Lemmer is a town in the southern part of Friesland, one of the most beautiful provinces in The Netherlands. A NOVASOL holiday home in Holland is a wonderful base for excursions to the Dutch landscapes.