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Malaga — Andalusia awaits you

In this video NOVASOL welcomes you to Malaga. Malaga is the place in which Pablo Picasso was born. This history is part of why Malaga has become one of the most creative areas in all of Andalusia, Spain. The city is the second largest in Andalusia and the sixth largest in all of Spain. It lies on the “Costa del Sol” coast and thus in the lovely and warm Southern Spain. NOVASOL has holiday villas to rent in Malaga of the highest quality. The city also has modern restaurants, cafes, shopping and a charming Spanish atmosphere to offer. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will get the opportunity to explore this exciting city and everything it has in store. “Castillo de Gibralfaro” is a ruin site from an old castle located in Malaga. This was built in the 11th century. The cathedral “Santa Iglesia de la Encarnación” is also an exciting thing to visit while staying in Malaga. This is a cathedral that was built in the year of 1528 in authentic renaissance style. Originally there were supposed to be two towers put up but because of economical reasons they built one. Many of Malaga’s cultural attractions are strongly influenced by the Renaissance and the Baroque. If you are interested in art then you should definitely visit the Picasso museum in “Palacio de Buenavista”. In this museum there are over 200 pieces of artwork created by Picasso. The museum is located near Picasso’s birthplace where you also have the chance to visit while staying in your NOVASOL holiday villa. Malaga’s climate generates over 3000 hours of sunshine every year as well as there being beaches that stretch for several kilometers. This is part of what makes Malaga one of the most popular vacation areas in all of Spain. NOVASOL has many holiday villas for you to stay in while visiting this beautiful city. During fall Malaga is still fairly warm and you can still go swimming; meaning that there is no excuse not to visit Malaga and stay with NOVASOL.