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Musseldays in Yerseke, Holland

Yerseke is a well-known village on the southern shore of Oosterschelde in the Dutch province of Zeeland. Many drivers, sailors and fishermen use this village as a starting point for their tours each year. For tourists without boats there are tours during the summer so that you can get to experience the sailing options in this area. From the boat you can admire the mussel beds up close. The town is famous for these mussel beds.
Yerseke is as mentioned known for their mussels, but also their oysters, which are auctioned after being caught in the North Sea. This is the only mussel auction in the world. The many restaurants in the village buy these and serve them to the guests in the evening. A very popular attraction in Yerseke is also ‘Odulphuskerk’ which is a late-Gothic church from the 15th century that was built on the site of an even older church.
Those who are drawn to Mother Nature will definitely also get their money’s worth in Yerseke. This place is home to many species of birds as well as some rare plants. Yerseke belongs to the municipality Reimerswaal. The historic community got its town rights in 1374. This municipality was important during the Middle Ages because it is strategically located on the trade route to Antwerp. Reimerswaal was also the starting point for ships that sailed to England, France or the Baltic Sea.
In the sixteenth century the village was repeatedly a victim of storm surges that eventually led the village to being abandoned in 1632. In the 70s of the 20th century villages including Yerseke in the area formed a community that would later build a barrier to keep the storm surges out. Yerseke is located in the western part of the Netherlands and here there are many NOVASOL holiday homes here from which you can explore the whole area and much more.
NOVASOL holiday homes in Zeeland in the Netherlands suit your needs. Families with children will have a great time here, we assure. Stay with NOVASOL in Yerseke and eat the most delicious mussels and oysters, experience a historical place in the Netherlands and go sailing.