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Perugia and Chocolate

Umbria is one of the most important regions of Italy when speaking of a culinary orientated holiday. This region can be compared to Tuscany and can certainly compete with it as well. The capital of Umbria, Perugia, is great if you wish to find a luxurious holiday villa which NOVASOL has many of. In this video we show you the most delicious event in Umbria which is their chocolate fair.
In October the summer is over and other exciting seasons begin. The autumn is beautiful with a variety of colors in the landscape such as brown, red and yellow. In Perugia this means the beginning of the chocolate fair which is held every year. During this time everything is all about the sweet delicacy of chocolate. Thousands of products made from chocolate are exclusively sold and presented here. If you visit while this chocolate fair is happening you will not be disappointed.
There are also many culinary things offered here during this and all other times. There are always delicious chocolates offered as well as sweet or savory pastries to try out. In addition to this, there are also delicate specialties of Umbria that are categorized as gourmet offered. This place is perfect for those who love to eat deliciously while on their holiday.
Not surprisingly there are also many other things to see in Perugia and Umbria apart from chocolate. There are many beautiful houses built many years ago. Despite this they are still very well preserved. There are also plenty of museums which some will see as cultural treasures worth experiencing.
The old streets of Perugia will invite you to take cozy walks during the day or night, whichever you prefer. During certain times of the day cars are kept out of the streets so that it is easy to walk around and experience the beautiful structures of the city and its cultural aspects.
One should also visit the chocolate factory ‘Pergina’ which is located near Perugia. Here you can buy chocolate, see how it is made and take courses which is very special and exclusive. Visit Perugia in Umbria and stay in a NOVASOL holiday home, maybe during autumn where the chocolate fair takes place?