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Pisa and Lucca in Tuscany, Italia

Tuscany is famous for its beautiful towns, villages and cities as well as its stunning landscape and ultimately for its good food and wine. In this video we will show you highlights from Pisa and Lucca in Tuscany. We will also show you NOVASOL holiday homes in this area.
In the center of Pisa is the famous Leaning Tower which is a symbol of this city. There are also cozy streets with typically yellow houses and homes.
Lucca is a very well kept medieval city with amazing food. You can taste a lot of different fish and pastas prepared in a traditionally Tuscan way here. This city has many attractions such as the statue of Giacomo Puccini who is a central figure in the city’s history. There are many small restaurants owned by the locals who will sometimes also cook the food themselves. This means that you are guaranteed an authentic Tuscan meal.
Book a NOVASOL holiday villa in Lucca or Pisa in Tuscany and taste great food, experience exciting culture, visit the Leaning Tower and much more.