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Stay at the Diokletian Palace in Split!

This NOVASOL-apartment is situated in the historical city Split in Croatia.
This apartment offers you a very special position. It is situated on the top level of the summer palace of the roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Gaius Valerius Diocletianus.
The historical city Split at the Adria was a huge, romans headquarter of the eastern Mediterranean sea, but it also was visited by aristocrats of the roman empire.
Many historical buildings like this palace belong to the UNESCO.
The apartment is situated directly above the harbour and from its terrace you have an awesome view across the sea and the harbour. Of course it is comfortably and modern furnished with enough room for 5 persons. Bathroom, living room, kitchen and bed rooms leave no space for further wishes. But the highlight of that apartment is the roof garden. From this place you can see the big Mediterranean ferries on the left and on the right you can see smaller ships and fisher boats.
In addition you can visit the beautiful city and its harbour within only a few minutes. Other awesome historical buildings are very impressive, like buildings with huge domes, countless museums and a lot of charges of all epochs of the time are worth seeing.
Furthermore the antique alleys and small markets can be found all over the city.
The busy pedestrian precinct lies to you, the same way that it did to Emperor Diocletian 1700 years ago, directly under your terrace. It invites you to relaxing walks next to sea.
You can get everything of the sea, but fresh. Even Cafes and restaurants are close, made to relax.
Another fact to mention is the enormous hospitality and helpfulness of the Croatian people.
Here in Croatia, especially in Split you can do relaxing holiday far away of mass tourism.
Shopping in the old city inspired by historical buildings, drinking a good wine while enjoying this beautiful view. This apartment grants you enough room and time for all these amenities.
Who can say that he resided in an antique roman summer palace for holiday?