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San Giovanni d´Asso, Italy

San Giovanni d’Asso is a small municipality in Italy which has approximately 891 inhabitants and stretches for over 66 kilometers. It is located on the countryside of Crete Senesi. Siena, the capital of this province, is located about 30 kilometers south-east of San Giovanni d’Asso and Florence is about 80 kilometers away. NOVASOL offers you holiday homes in Tuscany so that you can explore this amazing Italian area as well as its countryside and local culture.
Here you will find an idyllic landscape with beautiful views that will almost look as if they were painted. The locals are proud of their historic steam train that still runs through the country since a many years ago. You can travel with this train and get a glimpse into history and how people used to travel around a long time ago. This old railway is an attraction for tourists that wish to visit again and again as well as an attraction for the locals.
When speaking of food San Giovanni d’Asso also has much to offer, just like any other place in Tuscany. Something very popular from the Tuscan cuisine are the truffles that can be found in and around Tuscany. These are used in many dishes as a special ingredient. Many varieties of sausage, bread and much more are also specialties of Tuscany. Even the honey harvested from the bees here is a true delicacy and should also be tried by those who visit. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will have the opportunity to experience all of this from an ideal starting point.
There are also many other things to see in Tuscany such as a number of beautiful churches. There is a truffle museum located in San Giovanni d’Assi called ‘Museo del Tartuffo’. Other impressive things are the many small alleys and houses in the town. Rent your NOVASOL holiday home in San Giovanni d’Asso today and experience an Italian area that seems like something straight out of a fairytale.