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Siena and Lake Trasimeno

Travelling through Italy.
First we visited the Novasol Central of Italy in Monteriggioni right in the heart of Tuscany, near Siena. This city is a good possibility to visit this historical city. The first thing you should visit is the dome, called Siena Cathedral, the main church of Siena with its beautiful black and white marmoreal tower. This is one of the most important examples for the gothic architecture of Italy. In 1229 it was a small church and 1263 it was finished as the dome it is today. But the 77 meter high tower was finished in 1313.  Awesome. Other reasons for a visit are the floor, the artful windows and the inside itself.
Only a few alleys ahead is the mainplace, called Piazza del Campo. Twice a year the people of Siena celebrate their most important events, called Palio.  It is a competition between horse riders of the 17 districts for honor and glory. Everybody who lives in Siena wants to see and celebrate this event. And of course there are hundred thousand visitors. Novasol has some apartments in Siena even directly at the Piazza. It is fun to walk through this city: artful alleys, small shops offering a lot of tasty sweets.
You can find hundred of places like this in Tuscany, especially Florence and San Gimignano.
80kms to the south is the Lake Trasimeno at the border of Tuscany and Umbria. It is one of the five biggest lakes of Italy, right after Lake Maggiore and the Lake Garda. This lake is located between smooth mountains with a beautiful coastline we want to show you
Tuoro at the northern coast offers a few small beaches and everything to do water sports.  In the north is also the inhabited island Maggiore. And you can find Novasol holiday homes and Novasol apartments on this island, too. This is absolutely relaxing holiday if you know that you are ready for holiday.
There were today boats and visitors peacefully enjoy the sun was a huge battle in history in 217 BC, The Battle for Lake Trasimene. Here Hannibal fought the roman army.
On this place actual sculptors created statues, which invite a lot of visitors, just like the near national park.
Another 15km further is the castle Castiglione del Lago at the peninsula of the lake. This castle still defends the city with its high city wall. Once a year is the festival of classic music, But all over the year you can enjoy the astonishing view across the lake.
Cuisine and wine are as nice as in Tuscany, but less spectacular. It really is worth holiday in one of Novasol holiday homes and a visit in this region in Umbria.
The sunset light is as amazing as in the Tuscany, but more romantic.