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The island Texel, the Netherlands

Texel (often pronounced “Tessel” in Dutch) is an island that is part of the Frisian Islands in the Netherlands. In fact it is the largest and most populated of the Frisian island in the Wadden Sea and it is also the westernmost of this archipelago. Texel lies nearby Terschelling where NOVASOL also has charming holiday homes for you to spend your holiday in. The island’s name, Texel, is Frisian but through time the Dutch language has changed and all words with x-sounds have been replaced with s-sounds. Texel has seven villages which are ‘De Cocksdorp’, ‘De Koog’, ‘De Waal’, ‘Den Burg’, ‘Den Hoorn’, ‘Oosterend’ and ‘Oudeschild’. There are also many other smaller townships.
Texel is a municipality as well as an island under which these villages and townships reside. There is a sandbar between Texel and the Dutch mainland which covers an area of 5 kilometers. It is fairly untouched by man but many seals and seabirds stay here. However, the sandbar is also used by the Dutch navy and air force as a training ground which is very exciting. Traveling around on Texel is usually done by bicycle, bus or car. The island has an extensive bicycle network so it is perfect for afternoon bike rides. Transport to and from Texel is usually by ferry although there also is an airport called ‘Texel International Airport’.
There are many attractions on Texel such as cycling, hiking, swimming and horse riding. There are also many nice restaurants and cafes. The people of the Frisian Islands are very sweet and generally speak English quite well. Most of the menus on restaurants on cafes, however, are in Dutch. You can either ask the waiter for what he recommends or simply pick a dish at random and be surprised with an unknown Dutch specialty. There are tourism information centers which are very helpful if you want to go on tours and trips to visit some of the many attractions. Stay with NOVASOL in a charming holiday home on Texel, maybe Terschelling or both, and be astonished by this lovely part of the Netherlands.