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Spoleto in Umbria

Discover the beautiful town of Spoleto in the region Umbria, the green heart of Italy, an ideal place to spend a holiday of culture and culinary cooking art!
In the beautiful region of Umbria, the “green heart” of Italy, is the fascinating town of Spoleto. Besides the well known destinations of Perugia, Assisi and Lake Trasimeno, Spoleto offers an interesting cultural vacation destination, that leaves nothing to be desired. NOVASOL offers a lot of holidays homes in Umbria. Admire the dominant Rocca Albonorziana that offers daytime and at night an impressive spectacle! From the castle like building you can enjoy a wide view of the imposing, 230 meters long and 76 meters high bridge “Ponte delle Torri”, which connects two mountains and is the most famous symbol of the city. The ancient bridge overlooks the valley and offers breathtaking views of the typical, marked by dense and lush vegetation, pristine landscape of this region in Central Italy. Art lovers will find in the city several churches from different periods and architectural treasures. Particularly interesting are the Romanesque Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta with an impressive facade and bell tower, right on the beautiful main square, where also the theatre Caio Melisso is;  The church of San Filippo from the 17th century, and, outside the city, the wonderful church of San Salvatore, one of the most important testimonies of Longobard architecture, which was included in the list of UNESCO world Heritage Sites and will surely enchant you. In addition to the ancient Arco di Druso, history lovers will find in Spoleto a Roman theatre, which will make the visitor travel back in time. This Umbrian city is also the seat of the annual international music and cultural event Festival dei Due Mondi. Not to forget the many good restaurants with local dishes: a true highlight for gourmets !! Typical of the area are black truffles, cured meats and fine wines to enjoy in your holiday home in Umbria. Art, history, good food: Spoleto invites you! Enjoy your stay in this nice holiday destination and discover the beautiful region of Umbria!