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Springtime in Rome

One of Italy’s most visited cities is Rome. This city even has its own state in it. It is the domicile of the Christian belief and home of the Pope. This glamorous building is guarded and well protected. It also is the place for thousands of pilgrims for people from all over the world. Julius Cesar ruled the Roman Empire and managed many battles and the Colosseum, one of the best conserved amphitheatres, where gladiators fought epic battles. According to historical tradition Rome was founded in 753 BC, but archaeological discoveries suggest that a few centuries ago humans settled in the area of the city.
You can start your expedition to Rome, into the city of legends and myths, in a NOVASOL holiday home. The cuisine is rich in variety. You can taste local and culinary meals and enjoy their taste in a special atmosphere. Simple things like “Spaghetti al dente” or pizza or even seafood are all available. Nothing seems to be impossible. The nightlife is very special. Here the city becomes awake and a lot of buildings are lit indirectly and invite you to learn about history and many other things.
In Rome there are many small alleys that make this city especially charming. Other highlights of this city are the numerous museums or historical buildings. For example the Capitoline museums. These are small and the oldest of Rome while the Vatican museums are bigger, more significant and more valuable.
Rome is also one of the biggest cultural cities in Europe and the world. It is has beautiful sights such as the Pantheon, the only kept domed structure of the antique as well as glamorous Palaces, churches and triumph arches.
All this makes Rome so unique like no other city in the world. Rome is also a stage for many movies, books, songs, poetry and operas. The city and its surroundings will make you never want to leave. NOVASOL holiday homes may help you to get a bit of the Roman feeling.