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Summer in Mallorca

A summer on Mallorca in one of the holiday homes that NOVASOL has to offer gives you the chance to experience one of the most amazing landscapes by the Mediterranean Sea. A trip to Mallorca accompanied by NOVASOL also offers the opportunity to explore Palma and all the attractions that it houses. The longest distance on the island goes across and stretches for no more than 90 kilometers. This means that all trips and tours can be completed in under a day. Visit some of the cozy villages, gaze at the beautiful mountains in “Serra de Tramuntana” or go for a relaxing day on one of the many white beaches. Those who love culture will also be excited by this island since there are many places where educational tours are arranged as well as fishermen’s villages and artistic villages that can be explored. Enjoy the delicious food on Mallorca in one of the many restaurants along the sea or in your NOVASOL holiday villa if you like cooking by yourselves as well. The wide bays in Alcudia and Pollenca are very popular destinations for tourists in the northern part of Mallorca. Here there are many beaches to relax on. There are historical towns on Mallorca too. Alcudia and Pollenca are two of them. These have Roman and Moorish attractions to experience and are undoubtedly worth a visit or two. By “Serra de Llevant” there is not far when wanting to go to the ocean. This has generated a large touristic customer base in the hotels that are located here. If you want to stay in a more private atmosphere with more opportunities to get around on your own and making your holiday exactly what you want it to be then a NOVASOL holiday villa in this area is perfect. This gives you the opportunity to experience this amazing area and all its beaches without having to be bothered when you wish to relax in a safe and private environment. Book your NOVASOL holiday villa today.