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Tarragona — Sun, Beach and History

This NOVASOL-apartment is situated in the historical and beautiful city Tarragona.

The apartment is situated in the city and because of that location close to numerous alleys and the market you can shortly visit amazing alleys and see awesomely detailed painted frescos.
On the market you can get everything, but fresh. Meat, fish and vegetables.
At 11o’clock you can enjoy the small snack, called Merienda, and meet young and old people in one of the cafes.
Between the main holiday seasons there is enough space for relaxing walks on the beach or along the historical roman buildings.
Even the detailed painted fresco of this apartment , can experienced.
Of course this apartment is furnished with everything you need for your daily live during your holiday. The living room with its nice view to these quiet alleys, the comfortable bedrooms or even the modern bathrooms leave no spaces for additional wishes and you have enough room for 6 persons.
Because of its situation small and normal purchases are done shortly and it gives you have enough time to enjoy the city, the sea and people.
Another worth seeing thing is the harbor you should not miss. It is a typical Mediterranean harbor of Spain.
Aqueducts, the historical city wall and the amphitheater can be visited, too. The Roman Empire conquered the city in the year 218BC and from this moment on it was called Tarraco.
After watching the landscape, the food and the view across the see it quickly becomes clear, why the Romans made this city their center of the Mediterranean Sea.
Culture, history and the city life, or relaxing walks on the beach and the harbor make this apartment a beautiful holiday according to your wishes.