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Terschelling - an island in the Netherlands

Terschelling is an island in the northern part of the Netherlands.  It is part of the West Frisian Islands and is located between other islands called ‘Vlieland’ and ‘Ameland’. The people that live on these islands are known for being very resourceful and using anything and everything that washes ashore. There are not many trees on these islands so the islanders have used wood from shipwrecks among other things to build many farms and barns. The islands are surrounded by many shipwrecks that are exciting to see and even today, many containers still wash ashore here after being blown off the deck of cargo ships that sail across the North Sea.
Terschelling is a very popular tourist destination because of its many attractions. Much of the island has become a nature reserve so it is nicely preserved and unspoiled. Terschelling is known for its yearly festival called ‘Oerol Festival’ where theater performances are played throughout the island. In these theaters they use the landscape and nature as big parts of the shows. The festival is held in June and is 10 days long. There is also music as well as visual arts performed during the festival. The word “Oerol” means “everywhere” or “all over” and this explains why the festival takes place all over the island. Terschelling can be reached by ferry or by catamaran. NOVASOL has holiday homes on this lovely island that are perfect if you wish to explore its every depth.
Terschelling have a lot of cranberries that grow naturally, so if you like berries then this island has some of the most fresh. Terschelling has many white sandy beaches and cozy villages, so if you want to go swimming followed by relaxing and experiencing the Frisian culture, then this island is perfect. There are also walking and biking routes that can be explored if you wish to see the island’s beautiful nature. Stay with NOVASOL on this wonderful island in the Netherlands and experience a place on earth where nature is amazing.