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The Island of Elba, Italy

The island called Elba in Italy is part of the Tuscan archipelago about 10 kilometers from the Italian mainland. Getting to the island is done by ferry. It departs from Piombino and arrives at Portoferraio. A holiday villa from NOVASOL on Elba gives you opportunity to explore the island and all its cozy towns as well as its sandy beaches. The island is very green due to its climate. It has endless horizons, pretty beaches, crystal clear water and an interesting history with myths that reach way back in the day. The weather on the island is great with a lot of sun. This makes it even easier to enjoy a vacation on this island and its relaxing atmosphere. While staying on Elba you will truly be charmed by the sensation that the island creates. Whether you like history, sports, relaxation or a mix of it all; Elba will be perfect no matter what. A vacation on Elba is without a doubt an experience for life. An aquarium is located in Marina di Campo. This aquarium is over 1000 square meters and has 60 tanks with over 150,000 liters of water in them. There are also displays with animals and plants. The aquarium is open from the middle of March until the beginning of November. You can also go ferry riding on the boat Nautilus which has an underwater window that lets you gaze upon the beauty of the ocean which is filled with fish and other remarkable things. There is also a cable car that takes you up to a mountain that is about 1019 meters tall. With a NOVASOL holiday villa you will be able to experience all of this. There things to do on this island are endless. It has many attractions and because of this you should book your NOVASOL holiday villa today, so that you can get to experience it firsthand.