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The Lake Bolsena in the Region of Lazio

The Bolsena Lake in the region called “Lazio” was created by a volcano. The lake’s water comes from groundwater and rain and the only place where the water runs out is towards the south in the area Marta. Small towns such as Bolsena and Marta Montesicone are very charming and great to stay in. From here you can easily explore this lovely part of Italy either by car or you could hike some of the time. There are many cafes and restaurants in the area so there are lots of places where you can enjoy the delicious food that Italy is so famous for. The islands in the lake, of which Bisentia is the largest, can be reached by ferry from Capodimonte. On these there are beautiful gardens and historical buildings that are waiting for you to explore them. NOVASOL holiday homes in this area are of the highest quality and an ideal starting place for your holiday to the Bolsena Lake. During the summer there are many small festivals such as the fish festival called “Sagra Del Pesce” or the music festival “Sonica”. These are only two out of many others. There are also many other attractions such as Vulci; an old town that is amazing to visit and experience. There are beautiful Renaissance parks with stunning sculptures in Bomarzo and Villa Lante. The prior home of the Pope is called “Viterbo” and is also worth visiting. People who like hiking will love this part of Italy. There are many various hiking routes that you can explore. Some of these routes are “Via Francigena” which goes from Bolsena to Montefiascone and “Via Romea” which goes from Cubriano to Montefascone, Orvieto and Lubiano. These are only two out of many routes that are good for hiking. With a NOVASOL holiday home in this area you will be able to explore all of these. The Bolsena Lake is perfect for those who wish to spend their holiday in a new and liberating place.