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The highest waterfall of South Europe

The region Umbria, also known as “green heart of Italy”, offers visitors wonderful, breath-taking landscapes that will certainly stay long in your memory: fascinating hills, rich in vineyards and olive groves (fine wines and excellent olive oil, known even abroad, are two absolute symbols of this region in central Italy, which is due to its varied soils and good climatic factors). Besides the famous Lake Trasimeno with pure water, nice beaches and its three islands Polvese, Minore and Maggiore – on latter you can also stay in one of our holiday accommodations!), Umbria offers a variety of nature reserves with mountain lakes, rivers, streams, rich flora and fauna, that will surely delight you. The water-rich region of Umbria offers 8 nature parks, including the river park “Parco del Nera “, from which also the beautiful, breath-taking waterfall “Marmore” is part. This impressive waterfall has become a tourist attraction in Europe. It is formed by the river Velino, an affluent of the Nera, and flows from the near Lake Piediluco, Umbria’s second largest lake. Let yourself be captivated by the spectacular waterfall of 165 meters between rocky cliffs and forests and by its landscape with leaps, streams and cascades! Several trails in the immediate vicinity allow you to admire Italy’s highest manmade waterfall from different panoramic sites. The origins of the Cascate delle Marmore go back to the Romans, who directed the course of the river Velino to the drop-off: the testimony of a perfect, wonderful relationship between man and environment. You can easily reach the Cascate from your holiday accommodation in the nearby towns of Terni and Narni. Please inquire about the opening times of the waterfall-establishment! The whole area is also a popular destination for sports lovers: a variety of water sports like kayaking, canoeing, rafting and hydro speed are possible. A holiday home in Umbria: the ideal solution to discover the natural and artistic treasures of this beautiful and enchanting region!