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In the east of Spain by the Mediterranean Sea is the city Valencia. The attractive coastline and interesting inland in this area is visited by thousands of tourists every year.
The inland of Valencia has large mountain ranges with a 1.8 kilometer tall mountain called ‘Penyagolosa’. The coastline is dominated by smooth and sandy beaches.
The Columbretes Islands are very exciting to visit. You can reach them easily when living in a NOVASOL holiday home or apartment in Valencia.
The mainly Mediterranean cuisine with olive oil, vegetables, meat and fresh fish offer a lot of culinary adventures. The Valencian community is also known all around the world for its rice meals like ‘Paella’.
In nearly every bigger town or city you can find historical buildings of Moorish or Christian architecture. These are really impressive.
Book a NOVASOL holiday home in Valencia Spain and be amazed by its many attractions, delicious food and stunning scenery. This city is truly amazing.