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Villa near the Lago Trasimeno

This NOVASOL-House in Umbria next to Perugia offers all advantages for an individual holiday.
This villa, build in 2009, is situated directly above the lake “Lago Trasimeno”.
The pool and the comfortable and generous garden invite you to chill and relax body and soul.
The rooms like living- or bedrooms are comfortable furnished in the typical design of this region. In addition to that you have beautiful surroundings and the view over the garden and the pool.
The kitchen and bathrooms are on the current technical standard. Everything is easygoing but working. Of course you can get the latest news from home using the internet.
The next city, Maggione, can be reached by car within 15 minutes and some of the most beautiful Cities of Art in Umbria and the southern Toscana are easy to visit.
A lot of dreamy and awesome small villages around the lake can be visited by ferries from San Feliciano. Trekking and mountain bike tours are also available on request. Furthermore it is possible to canoe to experience the beautiful landscape on your own.
The capital of Umbria,Perugia, organizes an annual jazz festival which is known and loved by music lovers across the borders of Umbria. And it is only 20 KMs to get there.
Wonderful landscape. Breathtaking impressions. Awesome food. Best wine.
It doesn´t matter if you want to go there with family or best friends. Here you can get it all.
Relaxation and silence is what you get here.
Back home you will say that you resided in a typical Italian Villa with an astonishing view during your holiday.