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Bunschoten-Spakenburg in the Netherlands

In Bunschoten-Spakenburg, including the two villages ‘Eemdijk’ and ‘Zevenhuizen’, live 20,000 people who all take great pride in the area’s history and culture. Here you can learn much about history from the area which stretches throughout a long period of time. Bunschoten is a municipality in the Netherlands and it has been there since the year of 1204. The municipality is located in the region called ‘Utrecht’ and it was originally started by the bishop of this region. The colorful cultural costumes, the unique and historical shipyard as well as many other cultural and historical attractions are what make this town to such an amazing place to spend your holiday. NOVASOL has holiday homes that suit your need in this area so that you can explore all it has to offer.
Every year many thousands of tourists visit this exciting town to experience the historically traditional events, the cultural aspect of the area and the local art. The town offers many delicious restaurants and cafes. The town square is full of cozy cafes, restaurants and places to enjoy a cup of coffee or something alike. There are also different stores that sell everything from daily groceries to unique souvenirs. If you go to the countryside, near the river ‘Eem’ where the ferry sails, you will find flourmills and other places where the nice people of Bunschoten-Spakenburg will offer you their local specialties. With a NOVASOL holiday home you will have the opportunity to explore all of this while staying in a nice place with all the commodities you need for a pleasant trip.
On Saturdays the town square is filled with stalls because of the weekly market where locals sell everything you can dream of. Here you will also be able to see people wearing their traditional costumes with funny white hats and floral dresses. There are many different attractions such as sailing tours and a train that rides through the beautiful landscape. Stay in a NOVASOL holiday home in Bunschoten-Spakenburg and experience one of the Netherland’s most cultural towns.