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Volterra — Tuscany

Volterra is one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany. Apart from the historical and cultural attractions that this place offers, it is also an ideal destination in Italy where NOVASOL has many holiday homes. You can visit the ancient fortress of Medicea or stroll through the streets of this beautiful city. Here you will find impressive markets with medieval goods, parades, entertainers and musicians that gather by the main city square called ‘Piazza dei Priori’. In the old streets you will find cozy bars and delicious restaurants where you can taste Tuscan food and great local wine.
Volterra is located about 50 kilometers south of Pisa and about 50 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea. The city’s core lies on hills at a height of 550 meters. It looks over the Cecina valley which creates a stunning view. The screes seen here have been created through many centuries of soil erosion. In Le Balze towards the northwest of Volterra you will see the largest of these. The largest building in Volterra, which is the old fortress called Medicea, is used as a maximum security prison today. Limited parts of the fortress can be explored by tourists. These parts are, of course, solely the ones without prisoners in them. Do not let this scare you off, the prison is maximum security, and Volterra is a very popular tourist destination in Tuscany great for families and couples alike.
Volterra is a central city in some books as well as being the scene where some films are created. It is used as the 3000 year old residence of the largest vampire family in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books. With a NOVASOL holiday home in Volterra you will be able to experience all of these extremely exciting aspects of the city. They cannot be experienced anywhere else. Also in a series of novels by Dudley Pope is this city an important part, so it is safe to say that this is not just any city; it is a culturally and historically very important city in Tuscany, Italy.
There is also great food to be tasted in Volterra. Whether you buy it from the market and throw it directly onto the grill, or eat it in a beautifully decorated restaurant does not matter; anything can be done and there are tons of possibilities to try out. Stay with NOVASOL in Volterra and experience this culturally important city with many delicious restaurants and a rich history.